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The exhibition of the work of visual artist Fabiano Gonper (João Pessoa, Brazil) presents his latest series RDS – Reconfiguração do Sujeito (ROS – Reconfiguration of the Subject, 2009), as well as the work in progress developed since 2002, entitled Gonper Museum. In this piece, a new space is set in the walls of the exhibition space, which shows elements of the system surrounding art, such as: the institution, curatorship and audience. 

The lines that are drawn and that compose Gonper’s personal museum connect and provide shelter to the other pieces selected amongst his newest production. The ROS series addresses the issue of power in the categories of politics, subject, art, media and daily relationships, while exploring fresh visualities for the drawing. By manipulating pixels, the artist also develops complexities related to a new medium, and therefore, of the channels which are directly involved. Video is not just a tool for Gonper; above all, it is not video itself. Video is drawing and vice-versa.

Also in this issue: hidden track of the music and animation project by artist Felipe Ribeiro (São Paulo, Brazil).