(o vento lá fora)

Feature Film | documentary | COLOR | sound | 62′ | 2014(O-VENTO-LA-FORA)_título_very-big   BlankTape created all the animations for the documentary (o vento lá fora), with Cleonice Berardinelli and Maria Bethania. Directed by Marcio Debellian the film presents Fernando pessoa and his main heteronyms through readings between the singer and the main Brazilian expert on the poet.

2014 Festival do Rio | Rio de janeiro, Brasil
  Caixa Belas Artes | São Paulo, Brasil
  Rede Estação
2015 Casa Fernando Pessoa | Lisboa, Portugal
  e outros


    The aesthetic choices were made to emphasize Pessoa’s handwriting, as well as the traces on astral maps that he made for each heteronym, or even Portugal, his native land.
    In all of the animations,typical documentary film photo sequences were avoided. All writings and drawings are used with due historical respect but without losing sight of the graphic possibilities they offer.

(O-VENTO-LA-FORA)_guardador5 (O-VENTO-LA-FORA)_guardador19

(O-VENTO-LA-FORA)_guardador15 (O-VENTO-LA-FORA)_guardador13     The choice of colors drift by the elegance of white, black, and yellow tones, taken from aged papers and old photos.(O-VENTO-LA-FORA)_mestre-caeiro_NOVO_3 [VIDEOGRAPHICS]   BlankTape designed all the graphic interferences in the film, from the title to the final credits with old fotos of Fernando Pessoa, Cleonice Berardelli and MariaBethania     MENU-PRINCIPAL [DESIGN]   BlankTape also created the DVD’s interface, and in order to maintain the manuscript look designed for the film, the buttons were hand drawn. The DVD’s cover was provided by Gringo Cardia.   Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.49.37 AM     To watch the trailer, click here.    

Director | Marcio Debellian
Script |  Marcio Debellian and Diana Vasconcellos
Editing | Diana Vasconcellos
Cinematography  | Mauro Pinheiro Jr.
Videographic | Paulo Mendel
Animation | Paulo Mendel, Maurizio Bergo and Mariana Abasolo 
Design | BlankTape
Photography | Clara Cavour
Producers | Marcio Debellian and Daniel Nogueira
Co-producer | Ana Basbaum
Production | Quitanda Artistic productions, Selo Sesc and Debê Produções    

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.