Our world insideout: Brasil

Short film | documentary | COLOR | sound | 20″ | 2011 Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.56.43 PM


The North-American photographer Alyssa Miserendino has captured abandonment images represented by property with notices in the United States. With the series Our world insideout: Brazil, the artist begins a journey around the world, not only capturing images of abandonment and decay, but also exposing situations of spatial reutilization.


2012  Heartland Film Festival | Official Selection | Indianapolis, EUA



Script + Direction | Isabela Alzuguir
Editing | Paulo Mendel
Cinematography [Rj] | Daniel Venosa and João Faissal
Cinematography [Sp] + Colorist | Mauro Moreira
Sound Design | Jérôme Ferraz and Bonanza
Soundtrack | Jérôme Ferraz, Bonanza, Charlie Romijn
Assistant Director and Production | Victoria Visco
Production | Isabela Alzuguir and Alyssa Miserendino



Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.56.49 PM

Chicago, USA | Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador, Brazil.