Site specific for love

Performance | 50’ | 2007

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Site Specific For Love is a performance that uses multi-media based on letters written by Flávio Graff and on music composed by Felipe Storino. It poetically evokes the possibilities of love in the construction of the imaginary through musical sequences that counteract with a man and a woman’s daily life situations.     

2008 Performance Presente Futuro | Espaço Oi Futuro | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2007 Riocenacontemporânea | IAB | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  Quadrienal de Praga | Secenofest | Design As Performance | Nod Gallery | Praga, República Tcheca


Direction | Jefferson Miranda, Flávio Graff and Ronald Teixeira
Author | Flávio Graff Performers | Flávio Graff, Andrea Maciel, Miwa Yanagizawa, Maria Maya, Adriano Garib, Caio Zaccariotto, Otto Jr  and others
Video Projection | Paulo Mendel, Mariana Abasolo and Joanna Mamede
Image + Edition | Paulo Mendel
Post Production | BlankTape
Musical Direction | Felipe Storino
Choreography | Andrea Maciel
Produced by | Cia. Teatro Autônomo      


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.