Gravidade Zero

Contemporary Dance | 45′ | 2006

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Is the possibility of flight through will and mobilization of the senses. Videographers interact live with the bodies of the performers in vertigo situations, and as part of the scene, record from up close the pleasure of minimum flight.

With two projectors and two manipulable surfaces, the projected images have a subtle 3D effect. The floor of the choreographer Andrea Maciel is marked with the double projection of a flock of bats followed by a snowstorm, recorded respectively in Pelotas, Brazil and Zurich, Switzerland.    

2006  SESC Copacabana | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil



Direction + Coreography | Andrea Maciel
Performers | Andrea Maciel, Julia França and Renata Costa
Videos + Soundtrack | Giorgio Ronna and Paulo Mendel
Live Camera | Paulo Mendel and Lucas Rodrigues
Post Production | BlankTape
Music | Blevin Blectum, Fennesz, Four Tet, Ellen Allien & Apparat, Philip Jeck and Schlam Peiziger
Dramaturgy | Flavio Graff
Lightning | Mariana Albuquerque
Graphic Design | Random
Produced by | AMCD

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.