Contemporary Dance | 21′ | 2004 7.JPG.720x5000_q90@2x

Sound charts with their abysses, valleys and mountains are set in real places – the very city skyline – and virtual – A pulsating geographic animation.

2004 Teatro Cacilda Becker | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


12.jpg.720x5000_q90@2xConcept | Andrea Maciel, Paulo Mendel and Rafael Saraiva
Direction + Coreography | Andrea Maciel
Performers and Creators | Andrea Maciel, Claudia Horta and Daniel Calvet
Projection + Image | Paulo Mendel
Animation | Paulo Mendel and Rafael Saraiva
Soundtrack | Alexandre Fonseca
Lightning | Adriana Ortiz and Russinho
Post Production | BlankTape
Produced by | AMCD    



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.