Contemporary Dance | 45 ‘| 2002



 The show deals with “electrical states.” The path points more towards electricity in acupuncture and the nervous system than to electricity from high technologies. The original track and its composition are closely connected to the choreographic creation process. The scenic and asymmetrical space is minimal. The first movement – overload – speaks of the frantic stress of someone who is about to jump into the abyss. The second movement – jellyfish – speaks of inner energy. Video projections have a more sensory than narrative character, as the images of the aquarium with meduzas and spirals, inspired by Marcel Duchamp, spinning like that forever, with memories of the eternal becoming.    

2002  Teatro Sérgio Porto | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Direction + Coreographer + Performer | Andrea Maciel
Dramaturge | Giorgio Ronna
Videos | Giorgio Ronna and Paulo Mendel
Original Soundtrack | Lucas Vasconcellos
Music Performcers | Lucas Vasconcellos and Bernardo Palmeira
Sound Engineer | Jamil Chevitarese
Assistant Director | Paulo Mendel
Lightning | Adriana Ortiz
Costume Design | Rui Cortes
Post Production | BlankTape
Produced By | AMCD    

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.