Luzia passou por aqui

Short Film | Fictional | COLOR | Sound | 13 ‘| 2002

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“By the subtlety in visually elaborating the complexity of the protagonist, allowing the identification of their private conflict and the affirmation of otherness.”

Poetic Expression Award – Official Jury | 11º Brazilian University Film Festival | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With beautiful performances by Anne Berg and Giulia Gam, the film explores like no other the feelings of exclusion and the search for normality.

Best Deep Film – Cachaça Cinema Club Jury | 11º  Brazilian University Film Festival | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Among the five finalists of the ABC AwardsBrazilian Association of Cinematography – and Kodak Film School – Phase Brazil.



When she takes off her glasses, Luzia begins to see life.  



“The formation of the subjective is a process inherent to all. Traditional forms of subjectivity – such as nation, family and religion – lost its normalizing effect and are no longer seen as secure points from which individuals operate the recognition of the self and other. New worldviews came into play and created different perspectives to understand each one of us. Even though there is more space for affirmation of the self, I wanted to show that the maintenance of any idea of normality and adequacy continues to limit the eyes of the people.Basically, the identification is the most important part of this process, in which the world and the ‘I’ do not have clearly established boundaries. “

Paulo Mendel


2007 Cultura, Memória e Cidadania | Festival de Curtas Universitários | Programa III – Diversidade | BA, Brasil
  Cachaça Cinema Clube | Retrospectiva 5 anos | Odeon | RJ, Brasil
  5ª Bienal de Arte, Ciência e Cultura da UNE | Fundição Progresso | RJ, Brasil
  Mostra Itinerante | Centro de Cultura Maestro Miro e Comunidade da Matinha | BA, Brasi
  Tempo Glauber | RJ, Brasil
  Cuca Cine | DF, Brasil
 2006 Primeiro Plano | Festival de Cinema de Juiz de Fora | Mostra Competiviva | Espaço Unibanco Palace e Alameda | MG, Brasil
   11º Festival Brasileiro de Curtas Universitários | Centro Cultural dos Correios, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil e Centro das Artes – UFF | RJ, Brasil
   Brasil Cachaça Cinema Clube | Retrospectiva 4 anos | Odeon | RJ
   Brasil Curta Brasil | Tve | Brasil
 2005  16º Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragem de São Paulo | Cinema em Curso | Centro Cultural São Paulo e CineUSP | SP, Brasil
  III Semana Universitária de Audiovisual | CineUFSCAR | SP, Brasil
  Prêmio ABC – Associação Brasileira de Cinematografia | RJ, Brasil
  Kodak Film School Competition | Etapa Brasil | Cinemateca do MAM | RJ, Brasil
   e outros


Cast | Anne Berg, Regine de Monaco, Arnaldo Marquez, Bia Sion, Patrick Gonlevsk, John Patrick Buckley, Alzira Camargo and Beatrice Russo
Special Appearance by | Giulia Gam  
Screenwriter | Paulo Mendel
Director | Paulo Mendel and Letícia Paiva
First Assistant Director | Tati Torres
Cinematographer | Fabio Regaleira
Art Director| Emília Vieira de Castro and Joanna Mamede
Editing | Luís Henrique Ratts
Original Soundtrack | Pedro Costa Câmera | Leonardo Cavalcante and Ricardo Botelho
Set Designer | Emília Vieira de Castro
Costume Designer | Joanna Mamede
Costume Designer Assistant | Diana Herzog
Script Supervisor | Daniel Lion
Producer | Marília Nogueira and Talita Lippi
Project Supervisor  | Antonio Molina
Produced by | UNESA  


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.