Corpo Presente | Galeria Nicoli

Videoart | COLOR | Sound | 13′ + 13′ + 8′ + 11′ | 2018

Using documentary and videodance languages, this videoart series by Paulo Mendel shows choreographies and dance improvisations created from the meeting of contemporary dance and design for the project called Corpo Presente, curated by Beta Germano for Galeria Nicoli. This work has been idealized without any kind of scenic resource other than the real sounds and noises coming from the interaction of the body with the object.

With pieces designed by Rodrigo Almeida, ALVA, Juliana Vasconcellos and Rodrigo Ohtake.


A film by Paulo Mendel
Design: Rodrigo Almeida
Choreography: Eduardo Fukushima


A film by Paulo Mendel
Design: ALVA
Choreography: Carol Amares


A film by Paulo Mendel
Design: Juliana Vasconcellos
Choreography: Januário


A film by Paulo Mendel
Design: Rodrigo Ohtake
Choreography: Danielli Mendes