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Feature Film | documentary | COLOR | sound | 149′ | 2011

  The feature film about the life and work of musician Itamar Assumpção is part of the “iconoclássicos” project by Itaú Cultural. The film ran in cinemas in major brazilian cities, opened the indie festival [BH] and was nominated for the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro. With his volcanic personality, Itamar accomplished his masterful work in a virtually independent way, disregarded by the culture industry — and he established a turbulent relationship with it from the beginning. A righteous and often uncompromising musician, his attitude earned him the label of “accursed” and ended up casting him (often painfully) to the sidelines of what was understood as “commercial success”.   Based on extensive research that yielded more than 250 hours of images, and on a plunge into this amazing artist’s personal universe, the film presents his several faces: the composer, poet and arranger, the orchid-loving performer, the family man, the iconoclast which fell victim to clichés such as the “misunderstood genius”. Itamar comes to the surface in a poetic, intuitive narrative, where facts and interviews speak louder than preconceived ideas.    

2011 Rede Estação | Brazil
  Festival Indie [MG]
  Cine SESC [SP]
  Auditório Do Ibirapuera [SP]
  Inhotim [MG]
  e outros


Interviews (in order of appearance) Luiz Waack  |  Alzira Espíndola  |  Alice Ruiz  |  Suzana Salles  |  Tonho Penhasco  |  Arrigo Barnabé  |  Luiz Tatit  |  Wilson Souto Jr.  |  Ricardo Guará  |  Luiz Chagas  |  Anelis Assumpção  |  Zena Assumpção  |  Paulo Barnabé  |  Marta Amoroso  |  Paulo Lepetit  |  Tata Fernandes  |  Serena Assumpção  |  Vange Milliet  |  Sérgio Guardado  |  Luiz Calanca  |  Gilberto Nascimento  |  Bento E Rubi  |  Rick Cukierman  |  Simone Julian  |  Geórgia Branco  |  Lelena Anhaia  |  Miriam Maria  |  Clara Bastos  |  Simone Soul  |  Nina Blauth  |  Adriana Sanchez  |  Renata Mattar  |  Tuca Fernandes  |  Marcelo Del Rio  |  Dr. Benedito Rossi Participações Antônio Abujamra  |  Tadeu Jungle  |  Skowa  |  Ná Ozetti  |  Denise Assunção  |  Gigante Brazyl  |  Itacyr Bocato  |  Rondó  |  Vânia Bastos  |  Tetê Espíndola  |  Duofel  |  Luis Toledo  |  Neusa Pinheiro  |  Jards Macalé  |  Nelson Ayres  |  Virgínia Rosa  |  Patrícia Palumbo  |  Jô Soares  |  Zélia Duncan

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.38.03 PMDirection | Rogério Velloso
Executive Producer | Carol Dantas
Editing | George Queiroz, Rogério Velloso and Paulo Mendel
Content Search | Mauricio Pereira
Image Search | Solange Santos
Production Manager | Cristianny Almeida
Direction and decoupage assistant | Mariana Fagundes
Photography | Helcio “Alemao” Nagamine
Camera | Helcio “Alemão” Nagamine, Rogério Velloso, Mariana Fagundes and Diego Garcia
Audio Operator | Márcio Teixeira
Sound Studio | Sax So Funny
Finalization Supervisor | Diulle Sorrentino, Marcelo Barros and Isabel Mattos
5.1 mix | Sergio Fouad, Clement Zular and Estúdio Áudio Portátil
Production | Movi&art
Produced by | Instituto Itaú Cultural and Movi&art



São Paulo, Brazil.