Sunday (Domingo)

Short film / videoinstallation | COLOR | SOUND | 25′ | 2018 

A short film / video installation which is part of a project of transmedia storytelling with Família Stronger, a LGBTQIA+ collective of Sao Paulo’s periphery. It portrays a single day which encampasses both a lunch get-together and one of the historical manifestations against the 2016’s Brazilian coup d’état.




“A video by Brazilian artists Paulo Mendel and Vitor Grunvald stands out (and) demonstrate the extent to which the state will act in order to protect its sovereignty.”

ArtReview – December 2019


“Ryan Trecartin meets “Paris is Burning” meets “A Grin Without a Cat”, we think “Sunday” is something really special.”

Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland


One of 10 must-see works at the 21st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil.

Arte que Acontece – January 2020


In short, it is a film that reveals a Brazil that resists new tyrannies that impose themselves on the collective and on individuals in their multiple subjectivities.”


Portuguese Anthropological Association




A colourful and noisy encounter with Família Stronger, a LGBTQIA+ collective in the neighbourhood of São Paulo’s periphery. Across a split screen, “Sunday” portrays a single day in which the collective gather for a lively lunch get-together, then head out into the streets for a protest against the conservative forces behind the 2016 coup d’état. The camera moves freely amongst the boisterous group, capturing spirited banter amongst this alternative queer family, and the force of their political will against a state that seeks to repress their voice.


In the first part of the film, we can appreciate many dialogues that reveal the dynamics of kinship and family that operate within the collective. Those dynamics bypass the traditional blood ties with which we usually perceive the establishing of traditional euroamerican family social relations.  

On the second part, the characters lead the spectators to the political setting of contemporary Brazil characterized by street manifestations. Despite the fact these riots were a daily presence in our big city’s routine, the scenes show both an enormous social mobilisation around the paths of Brazilian political life and the truculent response of the State and the police in order to repress the legitimate and democratic right to protest.


2019 16th Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival | Queer Brazil program | Bristol, Inglaterra
  21st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil | São Paulo, Brasil
2020 RAI@USC 2020 | The Rainbow Reel (shorts program) | Los Angeles, United States