Medicina do Todo

Video for web | COLOR | Sound | 3 episodes  | 90″ | 2019

BlankTape produced a series of mini docs for Theo Webert, a doctor and influencer who incorporated some aspects of Ayurvedic, Chinese and anthroposophical medicine practices into his scientific view. In “Medicina do Todo”, modern evils are approached from a complex perspective that mixes  the most current discoveries with ancient knowledge in favor of a truly healthy life.

A medicina evoluiu muito. É inegável o quanto dominamos o conhecimento e a tecnologia, mas algo precisa ser questionado : por que ainda adoecemos tanto? Por que a obesidade só aumenta? Por que usamos cada vez mais remédios? Você já pensou em ter o controle sobre seu estresse e suas emoções, ajustando sua alimentação combinada a atividade física? Será que não estamos nos esquecendo de um princípio básico: ouvir? Precisamos juntar as peças, se olharmos de forma separada, não chegaremos ao todo.

Medical Science has evolved a lot. It is undeniable how much we have mastered knowledge and technology, but something needs to be questioned: why do we still get sick all the time? Why does obesity only increase? Why do we use more and more medicine? Have you ever thought about having control over your stress and emotions, adjusting your diet combined with physical activity? Are we not forgetting a basic principle: listening? We need to put the pieces together. If we look separately, we will not see the whole.

WEEK 01 – (re)conhecer

The first episode of the series shows the importance of the process of self-knowledge in the treatment of our health as a whole.

WEEK 02 – cura real

With excerpts from his text “Cura Real”, Theo exemplifies how some physical symptoms can be connected with emotional aspects.

WEEK 03 – entrelinhas

Theo shows a subtle view of our fears and mental  blocks, questioning how unattainable goals can lead us to a type of depression.