Nossa terra, nossa gente [episódio #4]

TV Documentary | COLOR | Sound | 28″ | 2012



Nossa terra, nossa gente is a series directed by Carlos Nader for Futura TV channel, and focused on social projects throughout Brazil. In this 4th episode, the project in question was the use of sport as a means to reinforce a sense of citizenship in children who live in impoverished communities. This episode is centered on four main characters, one of them Jady, a girl who was present at the realengo school massacre in Rio de Janeiro.

2012  Canal Futura | Brasil


Director | Carlos Nader
Episode Director | Flavio Botelho
Editor | Paulo Mendel
Photography | Renata Ursaia
Production | Já Filmes
Produced by Canal Futura + Fundação Vale


Rio de Janeiro + São Paulo, Brazil