Right, wrong or don’t know

Short film | Animation | COLOR | Sound |  3’ 15” | 2007

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.54.22 PM

A puppet and its puppeteer discuss the interference of media and consumption in human relationships. The script was created as a documentary film based on internet researches. All the dialogues and sound effects were sampled from websites and online radios, simultaneously to the process of animating the hand drawings.    

2009  Galeria Emma Thomas | São Paulo, Brazil
2008  Galeria Emma Thomas | São Paulo, Brazil
2007  Floating World Animation Festival | Portland,  USA


Script + Direction + Animation | Paulo Mendel and Mariana Abasolo
Ilustration | Mariana Abasolo e Paulo Mendel
Editing + Sound Design | Paulo Mendel
Pruduction | Blanktape    


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.