Videoarte | COR | Sonorizado | 9’ 20” | 2007

“Something like a ‘bastard media’ of TV and cinema, music videos have become more than a genre. As a result of the speed at which they are produced and shown — and the fact that they are a consumer product that is generated and required by the industry — music videos have come to be inhabited by artists that are able to overcome the constraints of the media, with the absence of a hierarchy between the old and the new, the technological and the handmade. Music videos set the whole world’s repertoire in motion.”

Marcelo Resende and Fernando Oliva


2008 The John Institute | Kino Palast | St Gallen, Sweden
  Pudel Kollektion | Hamburg, Germany
2007 Microwave International New Media Arts Festival | A La Chinoise | Hong Kong, China
  Comunismo da Forma | Galeria Vermelho | São Paulo, Brazil


Director | Giorgio RonnaScreen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.24.31 PM
Performance | Matias Aguayo
Camera | Julia Kasprzak
Editor | Paulo Mendel, Giorgio Ronna
Post Production | Blanktape




Paris, France + Rio de Janeiro, Brazil