Sede de Sprite

Commercial Films | COLOR | Sound | 15″ + 10″ + 7″ + 5″ | 2015


The agency W/McCann invited BlankTape to create a more fun and up to date solution for a Sprite commercial that only showed different angles of the bottle. Created and directed by Paulo Mendel, with the help of the BlankTape team, and the musician Luciano Oliveira, the film produced by Fulano Filmes also has a vertical version for Snapchat.


Concept and Direction | Paulo Mendel
Editor | Daniel Varotto and Paulo Mendel
Original Soundtrack | Luciano Oliveira
Images Research | BlankTape
Production | Fulano Filmes
Animation | OVNI VFX
Post production | Barry Company
Agency | W/McCann      

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.