A Incrível Encantadora de Números (The Incredible Enchantress of Numbers) – 2’18”



The Incredible Enchantress of Numbers” is a sound tribute to Ada Lovelace, performed by the band Dziga Vertov – a playful and adventurous female experimental trio.


Through a creation process on sound collages and overlapping, the band places its efforts on free improvisation, compositions, and presentations. There is no rehearsal; the pieces are composed or recreated live, as each member inserts sounds over sounds.


Computer, synthesizer, guitar, processed voice, sound objects. Among the utilized objects, cheap toys, balloons and simple everyday items are predominant, things commonly found in the privacy of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens: hair dryers, egg mixers, buckets with water and nail files.



Louise Simões | pure Data programming, disco and sampling;

Flávia Goo | electrical guitar with unsuspected tuning;

Leandra Lambert | vocals in lost languages, synthesizer and various sound objects.

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