BR.ADA: Celebrating Ada

BR.ADA: Celebrating Ada is an exhibition hosted by the website BlankTape in a partnership with the feminist collective BR.ADA. The presentation’s opening on 24 March is a way to take part in the online collective action in honor of Ada Lovelace. In addition to rescuing Ada’s creations, our main goal is to share texts and articles focusing on the importance of women in artistic and technological production.

Also in this issue: the article The Physical Cinema of Maya Deren, by Marcelo Rezende; hidden tracks by the band Dziga Vertov (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), by sound designer Vanessa de Michelis (Minas Gerais, Brazil), and by Hilary Mullaney (Dublin, Ireland); and interviews with U.S. sound artist Jessica Rylan, U.S. artist Kristin Lucas, and the founder of Ada Lovelace Day, British journalist and blogger Suw Charman-Anderson.