Doti-Doti no Gaea

Game | COR | set to sound | 2015


photos by Daniel Daek




BlankTape collaborated with the collective Loud Noises in creating the game Doti-doti no Gaea, finalist at the BIG Festival in the Best Environmental Impact Game Category.

The Title suggests a combination of the word “garbage” in Nigerian Pidgin with the name of the main character, a cool personification of planet Earth.Created as a playable theory, this game represents asystem of production, consumption, and recycling that needs to be maintained to prevent nature from being destroyed.

The goal is to help Gaea send the garbage to recycling, however, the incorrect disposal procedure and the power of consumption increase the games difficulty. The pollution gradually becomes uncontrollable, and the player must solve the issue of imminent disequilibrium by recycling the habits of society to save the life of Gaea.

To play, access the game at Loud Noises website or watch the gameplay below. 




São Paulo, Brazil.