O perfeito cozinheiro das almas deste mundo

Teatro | 90’ | 2006

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In the futuristic scenario of this play, directed by Jefferson Miranda, people sleep and forget. With memory as a subject, slides that were salvaged from the waste, recording images of Brazil, Europe and Japan in the 50’s and 60’s. The discarded past and the unknown stories. Movement and sound are present in the construction of this “future space”. Sequenced photos create little animations, and projector shots track a time that becomes uncertain along the scene. Jean-Luc Godard, Wong Kar Wai, Thom Yorke, constructivist compositions and mid-20th-century modernist architecture served as a reference for the creation of multimedia scenery by Paulo Mendel and Mariana Abasolo for scenographer Flávio Graff.

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2012  Personagens e Fronteiras – Território Cenográfico Brasileiro | Salisbury International Arts Festival | Salisbury, Reino Unido
2011  Personagens e Fronteiras – Território Cenográfico Brasileiro | Prague Quadriennial Of Performance Design And Space | Praga, República Tcheca
   Personagens e Fronteiras – Território Cenográfico Brasileiro | Funarte | São Paulo, Brasil
2007 SESC Paulista | São Paulo, Brasil
2006  Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro | Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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Director | Jefferson Miranda
Dramaturgy | Nina Crintzs
Cast | Luiza Mariani , Diogo Salles, Thiare Maia, Mateus Solano
Art Direction | Flávio Graff
Video + Slides | Paulo Mendel
Illustration | Mariana Abasolo
Video Assistant | Joana Dias
Art Assistant + Lights Operator | Mariana Albuquerque
Original Score | Felipe Storino
Stage Manager + Slides Operator | Boneco
Graphic Design | Cubículo
Production Director | Faliny Barros, Francisco Accioly
Produced By | Mareva Produções Artísticas

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil